Sales and Rentals for Airless Sprayers Save time and money on all painting jobs

Product Specifications

Sprayer includes 008 gun, 50´hose & 517 REV-TIP
Maximum tip size: 0.032
Gallons per minute: 1.0
Motor: 1.25 HP DC
Pressure 3000psi adjustable pressure to suit requirement

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Airless Sprayer  Advantages

The cost effective way for paint application, it is up to 80 times quicker than traditional methods. It will deliver professional results and is very easy to operate. The airless sprayer will provide excellent coverage of irregular surfaces, even pebbledash. It is suitable to use with 100% acrylic, latex, oil based and emulsion paints. It can also be used with lacquers, varnishes, enamels and mastics. There is a roller attachment for continuous rolling as well as the spray gun and it is very portable. The airless sprayer is suitable for large professional contracts to small DIY jobs.